Streamline Your Valuation Process:

Whether you’re a Valuer, Asset manager, Property Manager, Fund or Property Owner, WeValue makes your real estate valuation processes more efficient and streamlined than ever before.

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Whether you are an Asset Manager, Property Manager, or Property Owner, WeValue optimizes your real estate valuation processes in an efficient and streamlined manner. WeValue is a product that extends the functionality of WeShare to valuers, saving you significant time and reducing turnaround times.

Simplify the Work for Valuers

Currently, valuers have to do a lot of work to transform your data into their own data standards. With WeValue, this task is simplified for them, shortening the turnaround time.

The video above significantly clarifies the entire valuation process. Take a few minutes to watch it.

Save Work and Turnaround Time

You can easily select which properties need to be evaluated and send valuation orders and all necessary information to the selected valuer with just one click. And by “all necessary information,” we mean everything, including lease agreements.

DDirect Access to Valuations and Reports

After the valuation has been carried out by the valuer, it is automatically and immediately available to you in Actoren. If your owner or fund also has their own login on Actoren, they too can see this information right away.

For Valuers

Not only clients but also valuers benefit from many advantages of using Actoren. Valuers receive their assignments directly through Actoren, including all necessary data. With just one press of a button, they can convert this information into their own standard format, eliminating the need to upload or email files. The integration with their own valuation software is seamless. Furthermore, Actoren provides valuers the flexibility to easily forward assignments to colleagues or outsource to other valuers, all with just a single mouse click.

Outsource to other Valuers

Many valuers do not conduct all valuations themselves but outsource them to fellow valuation firms. With Actoren, this too is just a matter of a few mouse clicks. Of course, you stay in control.

For all valuation software

We have a long history in valuation software. Dream (Reasult) and Flux (NVM) were created by us.
It’s no wonder that Actoren works with all types of valuation software in an easy and fast manner.

Internal Standards

With the press of a button, assignments from various clients can be converted to an internal format. We have also paid a lot of attention to the efficiency of the internal automation of a valuation firm.

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