Analyze and share real estate data

For Asset Managers, Property Managers and Fund Managers

Actoren serves as the ideal companion for an organization, performing tasks that fall outside the capabilities of existing systems or for which they were not intended. However, Actoren goes much further, which is why we claim that Actoren is the future of real estate management.

Connects Market Parties

Simultaneously, Actoren enables the connection of market parties through data. Currently, this includes Asset Managers, Property Managers, Owners, and Appraisers. In the future, Contractors, Suppliers, Advisors, Brokers, and so forth, will also be added. With just a simple login to the Actoren system, they can all see each other’s relevant data.

Originating from practice

Actors was developed from the daily practice of asset management. After having created custom reporting systems and workflow systems for asset and property managers several times, we realized that a completely new approach was necessary.
We chose not to simply build what was easy to achieve, but to really start from the actual needs of the asset and property managers. We have achieved this without any compromises.
The result is a system that is effortless to implement, can do everything that is necessary, and is very easy to use.

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WeShare is designed for and connects Asset Managers, Owners, funds, and property managers, offering a central platform for sharing and managing real estate information and resources.


WeValue is specifically aimed at Valuatprs and facilitates the connection with their clients. This platform streamlines the appraisal process by providing efficient access to and exchange of necessary data and information.


WeGet is responsible for retrieving data from administrative systems, giving users access to up-to-date and accurate information for decision-making and management.

It is now available for Rems of Aeron and Informant

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