The Ultimate Workbench for Asset Managers

Analyze and share data

Actoren WeShare is the solution for efficient asset management. With our integrated cloud application, you gain access to a wide range of functionalities without the hassle of installations or updates. Our intuitive dashboard provides an overview of your assets, while advanced filtering and selection options ensure that you only see relevant data. And you can share data with other Actoren users, not just within your own organization but also with other market participants.

All real estate data at your fingertips

Whether it’s monitoring rental income, managing maintenance costs, or analyzing market trends over time, WeShare provides all the tools you need to effectively manage your portfolio. Pre-programmed, so you can get started right away.

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It’s a small step to Actoren

Integrating Actoren into your organization is an easily achievable step. We facilitate the connection to your existing ERP system and provide clear instructional videos, allowing employees to quickly familiarize themselves. Importantly, Actoren complements your operations without altering existing processes and protocols.

Step 1: We connect your existing data

We ensure your existing data is connected, allowing you to start immediately with a simple login. Actoren updates your real estate data daily automatically from your administrative system. Currently, the standard system REMS from Aeron is fully integrated. Your employees can log in and get started right away No need to convert data, train employees, or draft an implementation plan.

Step 2: Familiarize with our instructional videos

Discover an extensive collection of instructional videos on our YouTube channel, enabling your employees to work independently within hours. These videos provide clear and structured explanations, making your team quickly comfortable with our system.
And they can revisit whenever needed. Let not just your current but also future employees onboard in a modern way using this accessible source of knowledge and training.

Dashboards and worksheets are called ‘views’ because they offer users a perspective on the organisation’s data. In this video, we show how to place tools such as tables, pivot tables, and charts on these views.

Limitation is the essence of data-driven working. In this video, we show how by clicking on data, you adjust your dashboard so that only related data is visible.

Je kunt ook op een Google-achtige manier door de data zoeken door steekwoorden of getallen in te voeren. In deze video demonstreren we hoe het systeem automatisch de relevante data zoekt en tegelijkertijd de overige data filtert.

If you are familiar with using filters in Excel, you will find this skill easy to apply with Actoren. We show how to apply filters to a column and demonstrate how a filter in one table is automatically applied to all other tables.

It is often essential to have a detailed overview of your real estate portfolio at a specific moment, including the properties you manage, the associated contracts, and any payment arrears.
In this video, we demonstrate how to use the reference date to accurately manage this data.

When you want to compare data across different periods, from the present to the past, the timeline is an essential tool.
You can view this by year, quarter, or month. Moreover, we demonstrate how the rest of your data, including tables, pivot tables, and charts, automatically adjusts to the selected period.

Drill down is a crucial technique in data-driven working, and Actoren implements this through advanced filtering. A unique feature of Actoren is that you can add missing data during analysis, effectively zigzagging through your data. We demonstrate how these features work together so that you can see all relevant data clearly organized.

Actoren features an extensive set of core metrics and uses KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to proactively alert users when these metrics are exceeded. This is visually represented through a system of green, yellow, and red traffic lights. These KPIs are situationally adapted to various types of real estate, regions, and timeframes. We show you how to set up and use this system to immediately respond to important changes in your data.

Step 3: Gradually integrate

Your existing processes remain unchanged. All connections, special software, Excel Templates, and PowerBI stay as they are. You’re not taking any risks; your business processes will operate just like before/ The only change you’ll notice is that employees gradually start to appreciate the convenience of Actoren at their own pace, as it’s in their own interest.

The Result

With these simple steps, you can achieve a wide range of goals with minimal effort and management attention.

Save significant costs

Your organization saves costs as everyone spends less time on tasks that should be computerized. Faster data access and reduced time spent on communication, both internally and externally, significantly increase efficiency.

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As an Asset Manager, you can also provide your owners and funds with a login, giving them access to their most recent data.
After that they enjoy to full advantage of Actoren. And it saves you a lot of communication

Standard software

You save on the development and outsourcing of custom software, which makes sense because Actoren is standard software. It offers significantly more functionality, and the costs are spread across all market participants in the chain

Be ready for the future

Actoren doesn’t stop with this development. On the contrary, Actoren aims for supply chain integration, in the form of requests for quotations, quotes, approvals, and execution. This extends to contractors and suppliers as well.

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