WeGet: The Data Backbone for Real Estate Management in the Netherlands

WeGet is a technical product without a user interface, but it’s essential if you want to extract data from existing administrative processes. It is used in two ways: firstly, directly by owners and property managers for generating their reports. Secondly, it serves as the foundation for Actoren itself.


Tyax Channel: a different name, same product.

WeGet, a product of Actoren, was formerly known as ‘Tyax Channel’. Although the name has changed, the product remains the same: the same reliable and secure system that owners and asset managers rely on daily for their information. Additionally, it also serves as a basis for quality control for property managers. Since 2016, this system has proven time and again to be the de facto standard for commercial real estate in the Netherlands. It is installed in most major property management firms, forming the backbone for real estate management in the Netherlands, for both Rems and Informant.

Daily Data

For many accustomed to receiving monthly reports, it might come as a surprise. However, with WeGet, it’s possible to receive reports daily. This way, both the rental overview and accounting are updated every day.

Stay on Top

Receiving data daily allows you to stay on top and intervene immediately when vacancies last too long, costs spiral out of control, or when there are numerous complaints from tenants.

Fully Integrated

And of course, WeGet is fully integrated into Actoren: reliable and worry-free. Whether you manage yourself or have outsourced management fully or partially, Actoren ensures seamless integration and provides a comprehensive overview.

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