Wasting time unnecessarily part 2

In the real estate sector, a lot of money is wasted every day due to the constant cumbersome exchange of data, especially when it happens via emails and Excel attachments. However, Excel was never designed for such tasks, resulting in unnecessary time loss and errors, both for the sender and the receiver.

A better method is direct file exchange. Unfortunately, this requires specialized software engineers, significant investments, and ongoing attention. Therefore, direct file exchange is not a universal and immediately applicable solution.

Data Exchange as It Should Be

Actoren is the solution: a universal method for data exchange between parties in the real estate sector. It’s as easy to use as email; you send data with the push of a button, but without the hassle of cutting, pasting, and all sorts of attachments.

The name says it all: ‘Actoren’ (Actors).
With Actoren, you can exchange data between the various actors in real estate, for example, between asset managers, funds, and property managers. And other parties, now also for appraisers, in the future with contractors and real estate agents.
Now that’s easy chain integration.

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