Datagedreven vastgoedbeheer
Data-driven property management

Find the right data quickly and easily

Make data work for you

Data is your capital, but frequently that data is outdated or not readily accessible. Actoren brings all the necessary data together within your organisation and ensures that this data can work for you. You can make decisions faster this way and manage your processes more efficiently.
Data-driven work in property management is a vital part of daily process management and the related actions. However, finding the right data manually takes up a lot of time.
Actoren was developed purely for this purpose. It brings all the right data together, providing you with the appropriate data at any time.
With Actoren property management software, your data is always up-to-date and accurate. No matter where and how it is stored or retrieved, Actoren brings everything together and provides you with the appropriate data whenever you need it.
With Actoren, you really get a grip on your real estate, at any time.
This also means that your employees can perform real estate related tasks much more efficiently and effectively. When they can finish their jobs faster and better, this leads to an increase in their job satisfaction, your profits and customer satisfaction.

Select the correct data

The fastest way to find the correct data is with data itself. Click on a data field and Actoren will display only the associated data. Search for specific data and Actoren displays the relevant data only

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Have fun with data

For employees, job satisfaction means more than having an ergonomic office chair or a view on a beautiful planter. Working with software that makes their job easier may be a little more important to them.

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Learn from historical data

Use historical data that is related to the present situation for in-depth analysis, and also to support everyday tasks.

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Let data alert you

Let Actoren alert you when your data encounters something unusual. You can intervene immediately and then check through the data whether the intervention was effective.

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For all Actors in the chain

The name says it all: Actoren is for all Actors in the property management chain. 
Optimized for both large and small real estate portfolios and suitable for both owners and managers.

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Collect the right data for any job

Each individual task needs its own data. Actoren can take care of that, and save you a lot of time. Actoren does away with tedious browsing and searching.

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Select the correct data 

With Actoren, finding the data you need is longer a quest. Actoren will select the data itself. Click on a specific data field and all the associated data will instantly appear. You can refine the results by object, date, activities, etc. Filter your data according to use (rent or vacancy), age (recent or historical data), type (costs, bookings and invoices).
The instruction videos on this site will show you exactly how this works.
How often do you hear and read about data-driven work and wish you could use that? Actoren makes it possible. It doesn’t get easier than this.

You will experience immediate time savings by instantly having the right data at your disposal, enabling you to do more with fewer people. In addition, you will have better data quality,

What are the benefits?

You will experience immediate time savings by instantly having the right data at your disposal, enabling you to do more with fewer people. In addition, you will have better data quality,

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Have fun with data

Today’s employees are used to the technical advantages that their smartphone, Office and Teams provide. Modern tools that help to ease the way they work.
But when those tools start adding to the workload, it’s time to find a smarter way to create a pleasant working environment.
Actoren is innovative and makes use of the latest technology . It completely matches the feel and ease of current apps and how people are used to working with them.
The intuitive interface encourages everyone to work with data, making it easy to detect facts that would otherwise go unnoticed. This is how you get credit for your work!
Actoren makes working fun.

Learn from historical data

Actoren is aware that every day brings new data. At the same time, historical data remains relevant, crucial even for making predictions.
Actoren allows you to learn from historical data. Historical data, like historical returns, ensue no guarantees for the future. Unlike returns, however, historical data can provide you with a grounded insight into current actions you consider taking.
In Actoren, you can go back in time and find the answer to queries like: what was the situation on the first of last month? And how was it two years ago, when the object was purchased?
Actoren allows you to see developments in the timeline: per month, quarter or per year. It uses our intelligent formulas to alert you if your data deviates from the set limits.

Let data alert you

With Actoren, the data can trigger alerts when something unexpected happens.
In fact, you can set alerts for all KPIs . If a KPI is exceeded, Actoren will display a yellow or red traffic light.
Is everything going well? Then it displays a green traffic light. You don’t have to interpret rows of figures. The alerts provide you with clear and immediate insight.
These alerts are not limited to a specific dataset, like the percentage of vacancies. In Actoren you can set advanced triggers, such as a warning for prolonged vacancies or time violations in the follow-up of complaints received. Of course, this also applies to specific issues that are unique for your portfolio and business operations.
By setting up a daily alert, you can react quickly. Being able to take immediate action often makes all the difference. This is true for the quality and progress of your processes, as well as for the financial results.

For all Actors in the chain

Actoren is tailored to the entire property management industry chain.
It is optimized for both large and small real estate portfolios and suitable for both owners and managers.
Actoren merges all data, both internal and external, into one data set.
Because Actoren helps you to focus on the correct data, it also (aligns information management in the entire chain.
Actoren is not just another application. We have 40 years of experience in the automation of large and small companies, including 18 years in property management software. We are now using that experience to prepare the sector for the future.
Actoren is currently available to property owners and managers. Soon, also tenants, suppliers, brokers, and contractors will be able to enjoy the same benefits.

Collect the right data for any job

We know from experience that each task requires different data. Sometimes a task only requires a different set of data, at other times the task itself is altered.
Whatever the case, Actoren does away with tedious browsing and searching. All data is right there in your screen.
This convenience shows that Actoren is not a rigid system that forces your entire organisation to work with uniform reports or screens. Actoren works with personal worksheets, each tailored to a specific task.

And who creates those worksheets? The person that is best suited to do so. Unlike you may expect, that is not a programmer, but the employee himself. Everyone can determine what goes where, down to the smallest detail. Even during the execution of a task.
A new worksheet is quickly created, without taking up much time or effort.
This ease of use immediately results in higher job satisfaction. Again, that too plays into the direct interest of the company. After all, the more precisely the data is tailored to your employees and their tasks, the better and faster those tasks are performed.

That should make everyone a little happier, shouldn’t it?