Unnecessary Time Wasting Part 1

It continues to amaze me how much time people in the real estate sector repeatedly waste on tasks that are essentially unnecessary. There’s a lot of low-hanging fruit to be picked. For 20 years, we’ve been developing software for this sector, and yet, the problem seems to be getting bigger rather than smaller.

Zoeken van data is veel te tijdrovend

A prime example of where much time is lost is in the time-consuming process of searching for and compiling information. The necessary data is available but scattered across various screens and systems. And it doesn’t stop there; the same task is continuously repeated, each time with slightly different data. I’ve seen people spend 80% of their time on this, leaving only 20% for their actual work. Surprisingly, many see this as normal.

This was the impetus for developing Actoren, a user-friendly, task-oriented approach that solves this problem.

De oplossing is niet “hier heb je data en tools, zie maar wat je ermee doet”

First, we consolidated all of the organization’s data into one super-fast datastore. But we didn’t stop there. Actoren goes beyond the traditional ICT approach of ‘here’s some data and some tools, see what you can do with them.’ Therefore, Actoren has a ready-to-use interface seamlessly integrated with the data, allowing you to immediately get to work effectively with exactly the data you need, such as rental lists, bookings, invoices, tenant tickets, and many KPIs.

The solution is: a ready-made system

Our interface, inspired by Excel and a touch of Power BI, is fast and easier to use. With our interface, you have control over which data appears where on your screen. After all, rigid interfaces or reports should be a thing of the past in the office of 2024. And whatever you place on your screen, Actoren automatically connects it all, so you always see only coherent data.

Moreover, within the Actoren interface, you can save these adjustments for future use, gradually building a work environment that seamlessly matches your tasks. And thereby, you have more time for your actual work.

Developing this flexible and advanced interface was quite a bit of work, but the result is well worth it.

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