ICT Also Requires Disciplined Management

Disciplined management focuses on limiting activities to the essential core tasks of the organization. This increases efficiency, reduces waste, and ensures that efforts directly contribute to the main goals of the organization.

This principle seems simple, but in the software infrastructure of real estate companies, it is often overlooked. These organizations typically use a mishmash of systems and tools such as Excel templates, email attachments, PowerBI reports, download portals, and WeTransfer. While useful, these tools often function as ad-hoc solutions that are difficult to navigate, require a lot of attention, and need constant maintenance to remain functional.

The fragmented approach in software infrastructure inevitably leads to recurring problems and a cycle of inefficiency. An effective management strategy should focus on integrating and streamlining these tools into a more structured and efficient system.
When done correctly, this results in significant benefits such as simplified processes, improved security and compliance, and better data management integration. These adjustments undoubtedly increase the efficiency of core activities and significantly reduce operational costs and time investments.

Disciplined management means that you actually need to invest a lot now in ICT

Although the transition to a more streamlined system requires substantial investments and a disproportionate amount of management time, it is an essential step.

Without this change, the costs resulting from inefficiency will inevitably rise exponentially, consuming an ever-larger portion of the organization’s budget on ICT. Over time, these inefficiencies can lead to operational bottlenecks that hinder growth and impair service delivery, thereby affecting customer satisfaction and the overall market position. Additionally, outdated systems are often less secure and more vulnerable to cyber threats, which can pose significant risks to business integrity and continuity.

In the long term, these escalating costs are unsustainable for any organization, regardless of financial resources. The investment in a more efficient system, therefore, not only mitigates the risk of escalating costs but also positions the organization to be more agile and better equipped to handle the challenges of the future. By proactively addressing these inefficiencies, organizations can avoid the steep curve of emergency expenditures that come from system failures and last-minute updates necessitated by outdated technology. Ultimately, while the upfront costs and effort may be considerable, the long-term savings and strategic advantages make this a worthwhile endeavour.

Standard Software Advantage: The Investment Has Already Been Made by Someone Else

However, there is a better solution than this. Creating software in-house as an organization is increasingly seen as an old-fashioned approach. In the modern business environment, leveraging standardized, commercially available software solutions offers several advantages. These solutions are typically developed by specialized companies with deep expertise in software design, security, and user experience, ensuring that they are both robust and user-friendly.
The advantage of standard software is that the initial investment has already been made; it has been thoroughly considered, the system is ready to use, and maintenance is outsourced.


Moreover, the costs are significantly lower because they are distributed across more market participants.

But until recently, you had no choice; there simply wasn’t a standard solution that covered all your needs.

The Swiss Army knife for Asset Management

At Actoren, with 20 years of experience in the real estate sector, we have thoroughly mapped out this need and have dedicated the past 10 years to developing just this system. Actoren is specifically designed to eliminate ad-hoc solutions and replace them with one integrated, multifunctional system—the Swiss Army knife for asset management.

Disciplined management means that you actually need to invest a lot now.

Given the complexity and diversity of current tools, a uniform system offers a welcome relief.
With Actoren, everything functions in a uniform way, eliminating the need to figure out how or where specific functions exactly work. Everything is seamlessly integrated, which significantly reduces the need to develop, maintain, or manage software, freeing up your best employees for more important tasks than creating and supporting software.

This integration not only makes work more effective but also results in significant time and cost savings while drastically reducing resource wastage.

The Beauty of Actoren: Seamless Implementation

The beauty of Actoren is that it enhances rather than replaces. You will gradually notice that existing software becomes redundant and unused. This transition happens almost automatically by the employees themselves. Ultimately, this results in an organization that cleans up redundant and outdated systems.

Let’s be honest, this also makes your company appear much tidier and more organized visually.

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