What is the best ERP system?

Often people ask: what is the best ERP system?
Long-standing ERP systems are technically outdated but offer comprehensive functionality for administrative support, such as asset management, finance, operations, and accounting. Their technical obsolescence is a logical consequence of the time it takes for a system to mature. However, because they are technically outdated, companies are constantly searching for an ERP system that is better and more modern.

Since 1977, I have been active in the development of ERP systems and have supported thousands of companies in their automation processes during this time. Therefore, I am often asked: What is the best ERP system?

Once erected, structural improvements are almost impossible.

My experience has taught me that ERP systems have a lot in common with buildings: once erected, structural improvements are almost impossible. Moreover, it is very difficult to add new functionalities within the existing system. While ERP system providers would naturally like to do this, it proves extremely complex to implement adjustments that satisfy every customer.

Switching to another, better ERP system seems like a logical step but often fails to provide a real solution. While a different system may vary, it is not necessarily better on many crucial points. The fundamental architecture of an ERP system, similar to the foundation of a building, determines its capabilities. For example, a system may be optimized for workflow or transactions but seldom for both simultaneously.

A switch often means that existing essential processes are suddenly no longer supported, a realization that usually comes too late. Rarely have I seen a switch that was successful without unforeseen, significant costs and stress. And almost always, it failed entirely.

Therefore, the answer I always give is: “The best ERP system is the system you currently have!”

If the current software system cannot be improved and switching systems is not an option, what is the solution?

The solution is obvious.

What do you do when you can’t move but need a better building? You build a new, modern building next to it. That’s precisely what Actoren does. It is a new, modern cloud application that functions alongside your existing ERP system. Actoren supplements the gaps in your current system without disrupting the existing structure and workflows. This complementary system enables what your current system cannot and never will be able to do.

And that there is a need for this is proven time and again. Many companies have been forced to build various software themselves out of necessity. Not fun, expensive, and time-consuming for management. But until Actoren was available, there was no alternative.

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