Real Estate Control

Save Time

Save time by eliminating the hassle of Excel. Save time with reusable dashboards: once made, always made. Save time because everyone can look up data themselves, and does not have to ask someone else. And save time because Actors is fast: don’t waste time waiting for computers. And above all save time through real data-driven portfolio management

Save Money

Get deep insight into where the costs are. Real estate is all about closely monitoring also small cost, with Actoren you have the tool find them. Check anomalies , and immediately see the corresponding invoices, tickets and bookings. And compare it with other real estate objects.
Save money by managing vacancies and rent increases more effectively. And earn more when selling parts of a portfolio because you can provide a complete picture of the state and history of your real estate.

Data is already prepared

Data is automatically retrieved and immediately available in your data space in the Actoren Cloud. You don’t have to do anything to achieve this. No more searching for files, no , downloading, converting, formatting and checking. Actoren ensures that it is done correctly, on time, and always done,.

Combine automatically

All sheets, charts and pivots are automatically linked, If you select something, for instance an invoice you automatically can see everything belonging to the invoice. Without any use of formulas, fully automatic.


All formulas that you would normally make in Excel are pre-programmed by us in the form of metrics and KPIs based on them. Referring to the right cells, pre-programmed and fast. All you have to do is turn them on.

Drill down

Actors excels in extensive selection and drill down possibilities. Click on a history gram, and classify the values into 10 deciles, and click on the most abnormal ones. For example, units with the longest vacancy. And simultaneously see on a map which ones they are. Or in a Pivot in which months this was the case.

Show on Map

With OpenStreetMap based on land registry data, each object is accurately displayed on a map. You can zoom in on complex to and units and back.
And you can also visually see which units have the highest or lowest rent, for example.

Download to Exel

Actoren contains many formulas. But your existing reports are often based on advanced Excel templates. Therefore, you can download all data to Excel. And because you can configure each download precisely (drives, columns, selection), Actoren also makes this much easier,