The certainty of a modern technical foundation
Actoren puts people at the centre

Elegant and transparant

Actoren has a simple and logical structure and is equipped with a sophisticated number of tools and functions. 
This specific combination of building blocks explains both the strength and flexibility of Actors. 
These are supported by a structure and a set of powerful tools that are all fully tailored to your organization.
Own data-integration server

Each Actor has its own data-integration server. On this server all application data is collected.
Physically separated: so secure, fast and flexible.

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Stable data connector

Tyax Channel has also been developed by us. In the Netherlands, this data connector is a de facto standard application to retrieve data from REMS or Informant. Practically all major property managers use this as their go-to application.

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Effortless chain integration

Actoren realizes chain integration by connecting data integration servers. Fully automated and thoroughly monitored.

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A focus on your tasks

Employees can remain focused on a specific task by creating their own worksheets with real estate data sets, tools, and filters.

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Own data-integration server

Data can be found everywhere, but how do you bring it all together? Especially if it’s stored across multiple applications.
Actoren integrates all data into one organised unit, forming an indispensable tool for the collection and integration of data.
This integration application is now readily available for ERP software such as REMS and Informant.
Don’t be concerned, we can integrate data from other systems for you. We’re happy to take this task off your hands.
At your request, we’ll integrate the data for you. You just check it to ascertain it agrees with your needs and expectations. After approval, all that’s left for you is to start up the system. You can start working with the combined data immediately.

Effortless chain integration

Our logo symbolizes the very concept of chain integration. Actors already supports chain integration by default, without creating any extra work for you.
As a result, we said goodbye to the artificial distinction between back office and front office. We also said goodbye to complicated interfaces, one-trick portals, and separate applications. Actoren provides for all of this.
With Actoren, you no longer need to send each other emails with attached Excel files. Everyone works in the same system, from which the right worksheets, reports and instructions can be forwarded immediately.

Each instance of Actoren has its own data integration server, each with its own data. Sometimes that is much data, when the owner or property manager is a large player. Sometimes it’s very little, in case of a private tenant. Yet Actoren works the same for everyone.
Actoren handles the data fully automated, without waiting times. The data is exchanged immediately, but very specifically. Only the data intended for the other Actoren clients is exchanged. Because your data security is paramount, it goes without saying that Actoren keeps confidential data in-house. That too can’t go wrong. After all, Actoren is also intrinsically secure in this respect <

Stabiele dataconnector

Actoren extracts data from other systems, for example from REMS or Informant. Fully automatic, and only your own data.

Your Property Manager

Chances are that your property manager already works with Tyax Channel, possibly without realizing it. After all, Tyax Channel works in the background, fully automated, securely, and reliably.
With both applications built by us, Actoren is fully integrated with Tyax Channel. Not surprisingly, this results in a fully automated, secure, and reliable link with your ERP system

Tyax Channel

We developed Tyax Channel especially for this purpose, originally for Round Hill Capital and Vivo Wonen.

Today, it is the standard application for retrieving information from ERP systems.

A focus on your own tasks

The employees can view the data from the data integration server in their browser, and exactly in the way they want it.

sophisticated suite of components

The employees can view the data from the data integration server in their browser, and exactly in the way they want it. A, we work with a sophisticated suite of components, consisting of worksheets, data sets, tools, and filters.
We have thoroughly researched the strengths of Excel and Power BI. We have incorporated the strengths of both into our application.
Since most employees will be familiar with one or both of these applications, working with Actoren should come naturally.


The worksheet is the basis of Actoren. Each user can create, format, and customize their own worksheets, similar to Excel.
A user can place and move tools in an appropriate place, fixed or ad-hoc. These tools operate on data sets. When data in one tool is selected, the data in other tools is filtered.

Data sets

Actoren can contain a large number of connected data sets, such as:
• information about housing properties
• contracts
• tenant information
• support tickets
• invoices and payments
• bookings.
These data sets are taken from the ERP system or other systems. Just like in Power BI, but faster, and ready to use.


The tools can be used to unlock the data sets. Similar to Excel, the user has access to tables, pivot tables, graphs, and histograms.
The tools display the correct data to offer you immediate insight into your task.
The tools provide a choice in fields and property formulas, for the user to place in any location and in any order.


In Excel, filters can be turned on and off. In Actoren you can do that too, but we have connected that one data set to all other data sets. When you select several rows in the one data set, alle other data will be filtered as well. If you click on a cell in a pivot table or histogram, you will see exactly what the underlying data is. And, of course, the filters also work on the maps.

Powerful tools

With tools such as tables, graphs, maps, and histograms, you have a number of options to obtain the correct data. But Actoren has even more useful tools for you.

Point and click

Actoren makes time travel possible. Simply select the desired data for a given period. Click on a data field and only the relevant data will be displayed.

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Property formulas

Computers are designed to perform complex calculations. The right calculations will quickly provide you with a clear insight and overview in your business operations.

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Situational KPIs

In Actoren you can define KPIs based on data or property formulas.
And because every task and every query is different, Actoren comes with built-in situational KPIs.

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Combine Excel and Power BI

Actoren is extremely powerful, yet it may be necessary to run very complex calculations in Excel or Power BI. This is why you can also use the data in other applications, thus combining the advantages of both.

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Point and click

Just point to data and click. Immediately Actoren pulls in all the relevant data, automated, fast, and reliable.
Do you spot an odd result? View the underlying data with just one click.
Select two months in a timeline, and Actoren will only show the data for these months.
Notice an unexplained entry, and with Actoren you can quickly retrieve the origin: the invoices, payments, contracts, and tickets.

Property formulas 

Actoren comes with many built-in calculations, which show the essence in razor-sharp detail.
They may remind you of the formulas in Excel, but these are developed specifically for use in property management.
Some of the formulas are simple, some are more complex. And some of those are only possible because of the computer power of Actoren.
All are ready-to-use, and all are easy to use.
Actoren finds the right data to work with. If you select different data, Actoren will notice it and automatically adjust the formulas. After all, Actoren is made to let data work for you.
Not only are the calculations done faster and easier, but your understanding of the data is also more accurate. You have the assurance that the formulas are correct. That’s a comforting thought, especially when you need to make big decisions based on your data.

Situational KPIs because you need them

You probably have wondered, at times, why real estate KPIs always seem so elusive. The reason is that they are situational.
The KPIs for stores differ from those for residential properties. KPIs for a housing association are slightly different from those for investors.
A rather important element is that KPIs can change over time. Recent external factors, like the way governments changed their policies in response to the Covid pandemic, have changed these KPIs. No doubt they will change again in the future.
Actoren has hundreds of measurement systems and property formulas on which you can base KPIs. In our instructional videos you can see some examples.
You can use your own KPIs for each worksheet. Based on your settings, yellow and red traffic lights will alert you when something needs your attention. You can use all features of Actoren to quickly get to the heart of the problem. As to be expected, green traffic lights are a sure sign that all’s going well.

Actoren makes working with Excel and Power BI a lot easier

AActoren elegantly and naturally combines the best of Excel and Power BI, and more than that. You don’t have to choose which application to use in favour of the other. Actoren lets you use Power BI’s data sets and access it with Excel functionality, and without the extra actions and waiting times that Excel templates and SQL queries in Power BI entail.
Actoren also makes life easier for people working in IT support. With tightly defined data, that has the same name and type of content across the entire application, unnecessary complications are avoided. On top of that, details regarding each field type can be found in the online help function. In this way, even IT workers without a background in property management can get to work right away.

Simple to use

Yet even Actoren has its limits. This was done on purpose, to keep Actoren simple to use. By doing so, we have reduced the risk that employees are confused by exotic bells and whistles that only experienced IT workers can recognize and handle. Still, sometimes you’ll need something specific. And Actoren can help you with that too.

We help you

Still, sometimes you’ll need something specific. And Actoren can help you with that too.


The data from Actoren can always be uploaded into or downloaded from another application. And it makes no difference whether this is an Excel template, Power BI, a reporting system, or an accounting package, or your own customized application.

Combine the best

This way you combine the best of both worlds. After all, most of the work has already been done. The data has been collected, cleaned, contains more data points and has been pre-processed. All you have to do is finish the job.