Control your real estate through daily insight into your portfolio, and drill down to the details.
Contracts, tenants, invoices, payments, bookings and tickets. With more than 150 KPIs. Not just about real estate, costs and yields, but also about tenant quality, rent optimization and portfolio quality.
See your real estate on a map, in Sheets, histograms, pivots and graphs.

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Save work by having all data ready for you every day. No fuss with Excel, no downloading, uploading, templates and formulas. And because all KPIs are pre-programmed by us, it is no longer necessary to make formulas. And if it is still necessary to do something in Excel, download the data in seconds, even with millions of lines. Save the analyses via your own dashboards, avoid duplication of work.

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Actors works in the cloud, automatically retrieving the data each day from the Rems or Informant Server. Stores the data securely, for each customer separately. You only need a browser. All information is permanently and instantly available. It works on small screens and 4K screens, fully customisable by you via drag and drop.

Who we are

Since 1998, our team has been creating technologically advanced software for software companies and large enterprises. Since 2006, we have been creating software applications for Real Estate. At this moment, applications made by us and still made by us are running at hundreds of real estate companies in the Netherlands.
With this knowledge and expertise, we started our own business, at our own risk and expense. 4 years ago, we started our current Actors Real Estate Control product. The challenge was to create something that could do much more, faster and easier than Excel, without all the extra work that Excel entails. An application without compromises, the way we thought it should work. And we have succeeded in this.
Functionally, we were supported by Stadium Capital Partners and Round Hill Capital, both companies with the same conviction that modern real estate management should be data-driven.
The development of this new application was and is a long-term in-depth investment. We financed this from our own resources: we are independent and not affiliated, other than through a supplier-customer relationship, with other companies and organizations.


Tyax has been a familiar name to many property managers since 2015, as they use our product, Tyax Channel, to make REMS available to Owners. In Actors we do the same, but the data goes first to the manager and then to the owner.

Now 1000+ users

We have been operating in the background since 1998. From 2006, now for 14 years, as a high-tech developer of software for real estate. Our software is now used by more than 1000 real estate professionals working at hundreds of companies.

New Product

Actors is a completely new product. Developed in close cooperation with property owners. And thus completely attuned to the information that property owners need.
It is also completely new technically, with technology from 2021. And because of this, reliable and fast

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