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Drive your organization in the right direction using data.

Efficient Real Estate Management for Improved Performance.

The objective of real estate management is to manage properties more effectively and efficiently. This involves optimizing processes, reducing costs, increasing property value, and improving the overall performance of the real estate portfolio. Data-driven real estate management is essential in this regard.

Empower Your Employees
By using Actoren, employees gain access to a modern and fast application, allowing them to play with the data. This makes it fun and natural to work in a data-driven manner.
With Actors, employees can create and modify reports like in Excel, but easier and faster. Employees can use this to create their own digital work environment, leading to a pleasant and motivated work atmosphere.

Choose Actoren
Choose Actoren  and experience how your real estate portfolio can be optimally managed through data-driven processes and continuous improvement. Discover today how Actoren can help you get the most out of your real estate management!

Download the PDF with numerous examples of worksheets in Actoren
View various examples of worksheets in Actoren by downloading the PDF.
Users can easily create these worksheets themselves using the drag-and-drop functionality

Download the PDF withnumerous examples of worksheets

Actoren compared to a traditional reporting system

A traditional reporting system often does not meet current requirements for various reasons:

Compromises in reports
A traditional report is typically the result of a compromise between diverse desires, leading to a report with too many or too few data points. The required data is scattered, and it takes a lot of time to collect and compile the correct information.

Slow performance
Traditional reporting systems are usually based on slow SQL servers and star and snowflake paradigms. These systems are inherently slow, resulting in long waiting times and significant strain on server capacity.

Limited options for adding personal data:
Traditional systems primarily provide users with the ability to view existing data only, without the option to add personal data and insights. However, this is crucial for a complete picture and effective decision-making.

Actoren versus Excel: a user-friendly and intuitive experience

Actoren has a user experience similar to Excel but surpasses it in simplicity and user-friendliness on many fronts. This helps avoid errors in sums, pivot tables, and incorrect charts.

Efficient and fast
A significant advantage of Actoren is the elimination of hassle with files. The system retrieves data directly from the server, making data immediately available. Additionally, Actoren provides at least the same speed as Excel, even when processing large amounts of files.

All data coherently together on one worksheet
By placing multiple tables on one worksheet, you can view and analyze different datasets in a coherent manner. This is made even easier by preprogrammed filtering and selection, making data analysis more intuitive and efficient.

Actoren versus Power BI: speed and real estate expertise

Actoren excels in speed compared to Power BI, thanks to its 500 times faster database. There is no need to create a star or snowflake schema first, which means less time spent waiting.

Power BI as a backup
Nevertheless, it may be useful to keep Power BI on hand for specific analyses or complex visualizations. That’s why Actoren offers the option to export all data to Power BI.

Actoren data as the basis for Power BI
In practice, you’ll find it convenient to retrieve all data from Actoren, as Actoren is specifically designed for real estate management. The real estate expertise, combined with a user-friendly interface and optimized functionalities, ensures that you’ll use Power BI less and less.

Sustainability: Actoren as an environmentally friendly alternative to Power BI
Moreover, Actoren has a significantly lower ecological footprint than Power BI. By using a more efficient database, Actoren consumes considerably less electricity.