Functionally and technically completely new
The difference that makes Actoren stand out

Future-proof, innovative, sustainable

Actoren is a completely new concept, designed to meet the applications of the future. In doing so, it is fully in line with the predictions of McKinsey’s groundbreaking report:  McKinsey:The data-driven enterprise of 2025.

As McKinsey also recognized, entirely new technology was needed to integrate on data across an entire organization. This technology did not yet exist, but we understood that it was a prerequisite for achieving the next step in efficiency. Therefore, in 2014, we began developing this technology, all the way from the ground up.

New concepts and new technology need to be tested in real-world environments in order to perfect them. Actoren is the hands-on application that makes this possible.

This is, just as McKinsey foresaw, software that focuses on collaboration in the chain and between departments. The data engineer also has a separate and important role to play in our system, as the guardian of data integrity. We also deploy artificial intelligence where it is necessary and useful.

But we didn’t stop there. We have a lot of practical experience with existing systems and know better than anyone what users expect from a modern application. And that’s quite a lot these days.

For example, users want an application to do exactly what they want, one that they can configure themselves to suit their own information bubble. Modern users have become accustomed to applications that work immediately, like the apps on their cell phones. They no longer want lengthy implementation processes.

Another requirement is that a modern application must contain a huge number of necessary details. You will only find this in software that is made in cooperation with real users, using real data and with in-depth field-testing.

Cooperation in the chain

Each organisation forms an Actor that collaborates with other Actors in a chain. This collaboration is fully supported by Actoren

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Ultramodern and innovative

We use state-of-the-art technology for this powerful functionality. Actoren is surprisingly tight and simple.
And that is something you will notice

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Decades of experience

We have decades of experience in software development.
Actoren is built on a solid and state-of-the-art foundation. This allows Actoren to be expanded without limit

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The growing number of ICT servers consumes an increasing share of the available electricity. Actoren is tremendously fast and can do much more in a short amount of time. The result is a lower power consumption.
Sustainability that saves you money.

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What Actoren doesn’t do

Actoren can do a lot. It does what other systems can’t, but it is not developed as an all-rounder. Actoren is not intended to replace all your current systems. That’s why we can keep Actoren fast and simple

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It’s all in the details

Actoren also stands out on many other important details. It leaves out redundancy, provides progressive insight, is transparent, and implementation takes no effort.

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Cooperation in the chain

Cooperation in the real estate chain. The name of Actoren BV can be traced back to this concept, as our logo clearly shows.
An organisation is not an island. Every organisation is always part of a chain. That implies that data must be exchanged, and cooperation is part of the deal. Preferably this is done efficiently, error-free and with management having a firm grip on things, without retyping or copying data. And while retaining one’s own identity, own applications, data, and working methods. Actoren makes all this possible. There is no need to go through costly and risky procedures.
Actoren forms a layer on top of existing systems, taking care of data integration and communication. Data is retrieved from the existing applications in a flexible, powerful, and versatile manner. And the other systems continue to do what they are good at.
Actoren prevents fragmentation. No ad-hoc solutions, special reports, or hastily assembled interfaces. Actoren manages all data and handles communication, both internally and between individual Actoren.
Actoren unlocks data for organisations with and without specific applications. That leads to transparency, quickly and intuitively. In this way, Actoren creates a useful simplification of the information landscape of any organisation.
Currently, Actoren is only available for owners and managers, but in the future it will work with everyone in the chain, including tenants, suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors. And it is precisely through this increased communication and cooperation that there is much to be gained in the entire chain.

Ultra-modern and innovative

Actoren puts the focus on people, not on computers.
In past decades, computers were slow and not very powerful. All software was aimed at making life easy for computers. We all had to take these limitations for granted.
Over the past decade, however, computer technology has improved dramatically. Technical solutions that used to be vital to unlock and process data have now become more of a problem, an obstacle, rather than a solution.
This is the reason why we said goodbye to this superseded technology in 2014 and focused on technology made for the cloud, in the cloud. Technology developed entirely for modern computers. Google and Microsoft had not been sitting idle and we were able to make use of their latest technology. For that we are grateful, because the next stage went pretty fast. This was an investment running into the millions. Fortunately, we were able to spread it out over several development years and finance the process entirely out of our own resources.
The result is impressive: a basic speed increase by a factor of 10,000. This made it possible to adapt software to people, instead of the other way around.
Getting rid of all that old junk also meant less internal complexity. We consider that an important characteristic of real progress. For example, it is no coincidence that a modern electric car has far fewer parts than a classic diesel car.
This internal simplicity also makes the system future-proof .
At the same time, this software is also sustainable , because it puts far less strain on your computer system.

The foundation comes first

Actoren has decades of experience in developing software. We know what works and what does not. We have used this knowledge to build a solid foundation for our software.
You can compare it to a building contractor who builds a proper foundation first, before building a multi-storey block. It makes sense, because you cannot build very high or reliably without a good foundation.
Software developers tend to undervalue that foundation and fail to give it much attention, eager as they are to provide their client with a quick solution.
Over time, however, it becomes clear that the application cannot be extended upon because the limits of its foundation have already been reached. This is not a rare situation, just look at all the applications that have become functionally stagnant in recent years. It’s exactly the reason why many real estate companies have started looking for a new ERP system.
As mentioned before, we started with a focus on a solid and sustainable foundation. It goes without saying that this was a huge investment, but it guarantees our customers are supplied with a modern and future-proof system. A system that we can build upon for many years to come.


Sustainability in real estate also means sustainability in your own organisation. 
The ever-expanding computer capacity in the cloud is directly related to an increasing number of data centres, which puts a high stress on the total electricity capacity of nations. And over time the cloud will require even more powerful, expensive, and higher capacity servers.
This makes sense, because traditionally more computer capacity always proved to be the easiest way to make applications faster. A wasteful path, really, because we should be busy developing faster software. 
Fortunately, these days that is easier to achieve. We can stop relying on outdated energy-guzzling technology and switch to modern tools that are designed for the cloud. Fast and energy-efficient.
That is exactly what we did with Actoren. Admittedly, it was a considerable but one time only investment, which now has been completed. Now it is time for us – and therefore you – to start reaping the benefits.
We benefit because our technical infrastructure can now be kept much simpler and thus more economical. 
You benefit because this allowed us to adjust our prices in your advantage. 
Another big advantage of the new cloud technology is that your employees will get to work with a much faster application. After all, Actoren is not a few percent faster, but dozens or hundreds of times faster. Not having to wait on the computer means they will save a considerable amount of time. And their time is your money.
Just a few examples where sustainability will actually save you money.

What Actoren doesn’t do 

Actoren extends existing systems, but does not replace them.
It isn’t an ERP system or a new accounting system. Actoren is not an HRM system either. Those systems have been around for years, and they do their job well enough.
No, Actoren is a layer on top of all your existing systems. It acts as the link between them and unlocks their data. Not just within one organisation, but between all the organisations in the real estate chain.
This functionality turns Actoren into a very powerful tool. Smart, simple, fast, and above all: easy to use for everyone in the organisation.

It’s all in the details

Actoren is state-of-the-art software that makes use of the latest insights and technologies in software development. It is an innovative system, and through critical analysis of existing processes, it also distinguishes itself in other respects from other applications.
This is because it was built this way, it isn’t a loose collection of artificially merged applications.
And whereas other applications seem to be geared towards showing as much data as possible, Actoren concentrates on the data you need. After all, that is the only data you need to see. The rest is superfluous. This provides a concrete and desirable overview, which in turn leads to progressive insight.
Of course, we are happy to give a comprehensive demonstration of the daily practice of working with Actoren. There’ll be ample time to answer all questions you may have.

You know exactly what you get

But there’s more. Our extensive videos allow you to study – in advance – the workings and advantages of Actoren. This way you know exactly what you are buying.
We use the same videos to help your staff get to grips with Actoren quickly and in their own time. This simplifies the initial introduction, but also helps to bring new employees up to speed.
And let’s not forget the most important detail: Actoren takes no time at all to get started and is risk-free. This application is ready to use from the very start.

The art of letting go

Your time is valuable. Which is why you shouldn’t have to plough through all your data. Our system is smart enough to do that for you.

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Progressive insight

While you examine data, assimilate it, and discuss it with others, new insights can emerge. This enables you to do an even better job.

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With Actoren, you know exactly what you get. There are no surprises. Our informative and detailed videos allow you to view everything in advance.

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Zero implementation

We ensure that Actoren works, connect the systems and check everything. You won’t have to do anything yourself

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The art of leaving out

If little or nothing is done with the abundace of data, then often the people aren’t at fault. Usually, the tools are to blame.
Most applications seem eager to produce as much data as possible, sometimes resulting in hundreds of overviews, reports and screens.
Then, you are left with the ungrateful task of reading and analysing all of that. This takes up more time than you can afford. So, it isn’t done, or only half-heartedly.
The correct tool can help you break this pattern. Actoren has mastered the art of leaving out everything you don’t need. It only shows the relevant data, the stuff you are interested in. No browsing through piles of reports, but concentrating on the real job. Much more effective, isn’t it?
Another consequence is that it provides you with progressive insight, instead of confusion.

Progressive insight

The world changes and we are getting smarter. We pick out things that strike us as useful. We interact with others.
Actoren helps you to notice things, pick them apart. Simultaneously, it lets you interact with others, within the same system. That is our art of leaving out. (link to section 4.2.1).
This is a learning process, and it is followed by progressive insight. The result is an organisation that can go further.


No nasty surprises. With Actoren, you know exactly what you get. We always offer clarity and full transparency upfront. You will also have access to our detailed instruction videos.
This transparency is also reflected in our support and methods of contact. There are no filters or intermediaries between the programmer and you. Instead, you can contact the developers directly.
We take your questions seriously, and feel personally involved in any adjustments or support.

Zero implementation

The implementation of a new application generally involves a lot of work. It can take many months, sometimes years, before an application can actually be used. As a rule, this requires a special project team, the hiring of external consultants and daily monitoring by the management.
We don’t work that way. Actoren needs, as to be expected from a truly modern system, zero implementation.
Actoren immediately works. We connect the data connector and load the data. You don’t have to do a thing.
After that, everyone in your organisation can make the system their own, at their own pace. Our instruction videos will help with that.
Supplementing Actoren with data from other systems, when so desired, is also very easy. The analysis and implementation are done by Actoren, and everything is delivered turnkey. Now it’s up to you to integrate this new functionality into your work processes at your leasure.