Real Estate Control

Check with more than 150 well-thought-out metrics and KPIs, based on data from your ERP (now REMS and Informant ) and on data you added yourself. KPIs based on contracts, invoices and bookings. On purchases, loans and sales of real estate. See them on a specific reference date, and compare months, quarters or years.

More than 150 KPIs

Actoren contains more than 150 metrics, and on each metric you can define an unlimited number of KPIs. They will alert you when a certain value is exceeded, and then you must take action.

KPIs about real estate

Of course about numbers, types of property in the portfolio. But also about points fiscal  values and energy labels.
And see these on a map.
Select deviations to detect data entry errors

KPI’s about Tenants

Payment discipline, duration of rentals, tickets. Compare individual Tenants with all Tenants, now and in the past. What is the age distribution. .

KPIs about returns

Rent, missed rent vacancy, discount, service, heat.
Vacancy, market rent and rent reasonable compared to current rent passing. Capex and Copex.

KPIs on Portfolio Quality

Duration of the rent, vacancy rate and durations of the vacancies, now and in the past. Number of complaints received, costs per complex, unit, per category.

Selections and cross-sections

Make all selections and cross-sections, with our unique Actors Filters. Put a filter in one sheet, and see the effect in all the others.

Rubric by value

Classify all values in histograms, and click on a value to find all units and complexes. For example, the units with the highest costs, or the lowest rent increase.

Drill Down

Drill down, see deviations at a glance, and trace the cause.

Tailor to your needs

Each user can create their dashboards quickly and easily using drag and drop. Can adjust it entirely to their wishes. And adjust it at any time..

Eigen code Own code system

As an owner, use your own numbers and codes. For property, cost types, rental components and general ledger account numbers.

Combine several property managers 

Combine the data of different property managers into one. Combine the data of different complexes at different property managers into one financial administration.

Own start-up page

With Actors, you can create an unlimited number of dashboards. Set up your own start-up page, so that you and your staff can see the most important KPIs at a glance.

Safeguard confidential information

Determine exactly which data can be seen by whom. Do you want to give a potential buyer access to the data? Add the buyer as a user, but first specify which data the buyer is not allowed to see, such as the tenant’s personal details.