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Actoren Channel: Daily insight into your real estate

Do you own Dutch real estate and want to be informed daily about the performance of your portfolio? Choose Actoren Channel!
We offer a reliable, efficient, and secure system to keep your real estate data up-to-date and provide daily insights into your properties.
Forget the hassle of Excel files and time-consuming typing or copy-and-paste tasks.
Always the right information
With Actoren Channel, you always have the right information at hand, in your desired format, sent directly to your own administrative systems. Our system enables you to take immediate action in case of vacancies or other issues.
Seamlessly integrates with Aeron’s REMS
Actoren Channel seamlessly integrates with REMS, the standard system from Aeron used by all major property managers in the Netherlands. It is highly likely that your property manager is already using this system for the administration of your properties.

A separate, fully secure channel
With Actoren Channel, the security of your data is our top priority. We set up a separate, fully secure channel specifically for you, so your data never falls into the wrong hands.
Get in touch
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How it works

1. Daily data updates:
Actoren Channel sends daily data from the administration of your Dutch property manager to your system.
2. The data you want, your way
We can select and convert the data into the format you prefer.
3. To the location you desire
We can send the data stream to the location of your choice, usually directly to your own computers.

In practice

4. installed and working at all major property managers
Since 2015, our application has been installed and working at all major property managers in the Netherlands.
5. Separate Channel
For each owner, we set up an individual channel to ensure that your data is securely transported and only reaches you.
6. Reliable
Actoren Channel has proven to be highly reliable, with dozens of owners of Dutch real estate, both in the Netherlands and abroad, relying on Actoren Channel for their daily data feed.