Rely on the power of people
Actoren helps you do more with fewer people

Use the potential

Actoren has many practical and direct advantages and is the only application on the market to combine these benefits.
Actoren is based on the strength and inventiveness of people. The software does not replace your other software. Instead, it is an extension of it, containing all the functionality you need for your daily work. It brings all data together in one place and is intrinsically secure.
Actoren allows you to do more with less.

Rely on the power of people

When Actoren is used, management doesn’t have to chew over everything. With a few guidelines, people can get to work. The rest follows automatically

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No replacement, but an extension

Actoren is an extension, but it doesn’t alter existing software. The systems in place will continue to work unhampered.

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All data in one place

Very convenient: Actoren collects all data in one place. The data is mutually connected, so running queries in multiple systems are a thing of the past.

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Everything you need

Actoren contains everything you need: functionality, data, and tools.

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Actoren is a multilingual tool (English and Dutch). Other languages can be easily added.

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Get done more with fewer people

Actoren is fast, very fast. Actoren prevents double work and runs jobs with specifically tuned data.
With Actoren you finally have a system that makes the data comply with the tasks in the organisation, instead of the other way around

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Actoren meticulously watches over your data

Cloud storage is extremely safe. Our cloud servers are shielded meticulously and comply with rigorous safety measures. We regularly back up all our systems.
On top of that, we safeguard all communication between the Actoren clients. All confidential data remains confidential, fully automated.

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Rely on the power of people

Relying on the power of people is a whole new approach compared to classic applications. Those applications always force the users to follow the methodology of the application, without allowing them to influence the way it works.
Those old applications were developed with the limitations of computers at the time in mind, not based on what people wanted or needed. We understand that there was nothing that could be done about that, back then, but in 2022 this can be considered an outdated premise.
In Actoren, users define how their application works for them, allowing them to structure their own working environment.
Shortly after starting with Actoren, some users will quickly discover a new and easier way of working. Their example will also convince the other users and bring them along in the new structure. In this way, the optimal way of working emerges from the people themselves. Actoren is the basis for a self-learning organisation.
Less management needed and yet improvement in the processes. It is always fulfilling to discover a better way of working.

Not a replacement, but an extension

Many companies in the property management industry want to make the move to a better and more comprehensive ERP system. However, implementing a new system can require a huge investment, in both time and money. The costs already made in the old system are then experienced as a loss.
Then there is also the problem of the often-lengthy implementation process. Even when all the steps have been completed successfully, the process still hasn’t ended yet. Often, the old system must be kept active and maintained to complement the new one.
To us, that is far from an optimal solution.
Actoren has a completely different approach. It does not replace your current system but complements and optimizes it. This way, it’s not just an upgrade for your system, it is a vital part of a new and better way of working.
Actoren achieves what other systems can’t:
You continue working on the familiar existing system. You don’t have to alter your existing procedures and ways of working.
Your employees don’t have to get used to completely new interfaces.
And because it complements your system, Actoren requires no implementation process . Actoren is ready for use directly after it has finished reading the data. And you can gradually start working with it, in any way you want.
This means you combine the advantages of your current system with the benefits of the new one.

Everything you need

Actoren contains all the functionality you need. In addition to the right data for your reports, you also get the tools to unlock that data.
• For daily tasks and analysis
• For employees with and without a background in IT
• For management and directors.

Everyone can work with the same tools and the same data.
This applies to all Actoren within the chain, but also to organizations without their own underlying applications that use the data of other Actoren systems.
For example, owners who do not have their own ERP system, but leave that to property managers. These owners can use Actoren to unlock their data on the ERP system of their property managers. Updated daily, without having to wait for reports from the property manager.

And if an owner has multiple property managers, they get their data neatly together, in a coherent whole. Regardless of who was the property manager at any given time, Actoren makes it one integrated dataset.

All data in one place

In general, the data from an ERP system alone is not enough to drive tasks, because that data is used and stored in other systems.
Actoren precisely combines this ERP data with the data from other systems. For instance, by linking a working hour system to related employees and real estate objects, or to a logistics system.
The integration of your own systems within Actoren is a small customization that we are glad to perform for you. The benefit is that then, not only do you have all your data in one place, but also through one supplier and with only one point of contact. In addition, you will enjoy all the advantages of Actoren: speed, sustainability, and efficiency.


Actoren is bilingual.
The software and the support functionality are available in both Dutch and English. All instructional videos will also be available in English.
This is a necessary feature. Many of our customers are foreign owners of Dutch property. But we also noticed that some Dutch employees prefer working in English.
Everyone can choose for themselves which language they want to work in, whether it’s Dutch or English. How’s that for optimal working conditions?

Get done more with fewer people

Working efficiently with as little effort and resources (including people) as possible to complete as many tasks as possible. Actors was created with this purpose in mind.
With Actoren, you will find the actual data you are looking for. This is possible because Actoren uses a unique, intuitive method to find information in large amounts of data.
A very important benefit: Actoren is fast, very fast. No more waiting for the computer to finish a job.
No redundant work. With Actors, retyping, loading, and storing data as separate jobs is no longer necessary. That saves a lot of time and annoyance. Even better: it also reduces the risk of making harmful mistakes.
Also, running queries in all kinds of different systems is no longer necessary. After all, all data is in one place: Actoren.
Another great convenience is that in Actoren, tasks and the data needed are closely linked. The right data is used for each task.
With Actoren, you finally can have a system that adapts the data to the organisational tasks, instead of the other way around.

Actoren meticulously watches over your data

All data is securely protected in the cloud.
No more worries about backups, ransomware, internet providers, etc. We take care of all that for you.
Communication, both internally and with other Actoren, also takes place via the cloud. Actoren actively safeguards confidential data. A register keeps track of each data element, registering what should remain internal or what may be disclosed, and to whom. And before anything is sent, Actoren checks this register one element at a time.
Any application can be made secure by means of firewalls and other obstructions. We have taken that a few steps further with Actoren. Actoren is intrinsically secure, from the very start.
Each Actoren, large or small, has its own data integration server, which no one else can access. Technically, the software is one single entity, seamless and without potential leaks.
By giving each customer his own data integration server, only the data that this one customer needs is stored. This makes sense but is an unusual choice in the world of applications, where often the same data is stored multiple times. In Actoren, a tenant’s name is present at both the property manager, the owner, and the tenant itself.
Hackers always approach systems through the cracks and seams between the different parts of the software. Actoren however, is made as a single entity with the same type of technology, meaning there are no gaps or seams.
Of course, we make back-ups to another protected environment. And to be on the safe side, we back-up those back-ups as well.