The people behind Actoren Real Estate Software
A driven and customer-oriented team

Dutch company

Actoren is a Dutch company. In December 1998, we hired a group of innovative and talented programmers. Our development office is situated in beautiful St. Petersburg on the Baltic Sea.
The emphasis is on the Netherlands, but we make software for customers all over Europe and the USA. Our customers work for governments, universities, multinationals, and companies in the field of real estate management.
We have extensive expertise when it comes to simple reporting, operational systems, laboratories, and artificial intelligence. Either with software for a single server, or with software that is intended for thousands of servers.

Close-knit team

Founder and CEO is Hans van Nek 

The strength of our company lies not only in the professionalism of all our employees, but also in our continuity. We are a close-knit team. Most of the software engineers have been working for us for decades.
Another continuity guarantee is the fact that all core employees are financially involved in our company

Transparent and direct

We are all about transparency. That is why there are no additional layers between our customers and our programmers. We know from experience that this works best. Should they choose to do so, our customers can contact the developers directly when they need support, have questions or want to request changes.
This not only works more efficiently, but also leads to better software that is increasingly tuned to our customers’ needs.

Vastly improved property management software

We have been making property management software since 2004. Also, we are the company behind many well-known software companies that make software for the property management industry. Every day, thousands of property management users in the Netherlands benefit from our software.

The property management industry suffers from many unnecessary actions. We noticed, for example, that companies are still copy-pasting or even retyping information from e-mails. Many of them use complicated interfaces between different systems, that cause unnecessary delays and errors. This situation does not only affect the administration, but also create extra costs in daily processing. It always surprises us that everyone knows about this and accepts it as normal.

Just as surprising is the reflex to reach for all kinds of ad hoc systems, in an attempt to solve these problems. With systems greatly differing in quality and functional possibilities, it makes sense that they can only be maintained with a lot of effort.

We don’t consider this an ideal, or even normal situation. And that is exactly why we have made Actoren.