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De missie en visie van Actoren

Mission of Actoren

We are committed to supporting companies in achieving their digital transformation with our groundbreaking and energy-efficient technology.
By seamlessly integrating with existing ICT systems, we enable organizations to increase their productivity and collaborate more effectively, without the risks and capital destruction associated with replacing existing systems.
We strive to have a positive impact on both business performance and the world around us.

Our vision for the product

Own technical foundation
Since 2014, we as an organization have built a solid technical foundation, which forms an important basis for our collective success. Instead of using existing technologies, we have chosen to replace them with entirely new solutions. We have done this using proven paradigms, such as Excel and SQL Server. However, we have developed a database that is 500 times faster and an Excel that requires much less effort and makes error-free calculations. This allows us to provide the best possible solutions to our customers much more quickly and efficiently.

Organization structure leads, not technology
Actoren puts the organizational structure at the center rather than technology, making it easy to integrate Actoren into the organization. With Actoren, there is no central database; each Actor has its own database and its own users. This way, Actoren follows the natural boundaries of the organization.
Moreover, Actoren is not limited to a single organization. An Actor can just as easily be located outside the organization, which is ideal for organizations with a large number of suppliers and customers. Actoren looks beyond the boundaries of an organization and is the solution for collaboration and communication between different parties.

No change or destruction but improvement
In existing ICT technology, organizations have often made decades of investments, not only in the applications themselves but also in the way of working and the interfaces with other systems. Replacing existing applications is capital destruction.
Actoren offers a unique solution that does not change the existing way of working and does not replace current systems. Instead, Actoren supplements these systems so that employees within an organization can continue to work in the familiar way while simultaneously benefiting from the advantages Actoren offers.

Sustainable without compromises

Actoren, as an innovative and environmentally friendly software program, delivers significant energy savings in data centers by achieving 95% lower electricity consumption and server load. This makes Actoren the most sustainable software application currently available on the market.
By integrating existing applications with Actoren’s groundbreaking energy-saving technology, companies can achieve sustainability in a cost-effective way without sacrificing their current investments in ICT technology. This approach makes the transition to a more environmentally friendly business operation both financially attractive and ecologically responsible, without compromising existing systems and processes.
Fast, simple implementation
Implementing Actoren does not require lengthy projects; modeling and loading the data is sufficient. This allows Actoren to be gradually introduced into the organization, leading to lower costs and less management attention.

Tightly-knit team

Our company is led by Hans van Nek, the founder and CEO,

We form a tightly-knit team with software engineers who have been working with us for many years. All our employees have a master’s degree or doctorate and are highly committed to our company. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, Actoren is able to develop the best software in the world.
Regenerate response

Our vision for our organization

Actoren sets itself apart as a standardized product that delivers uniform software for all organizations and users. This provides a significant cost advantage compared to competitors who must develop and maintain new software for each specific market and organizational type. While our software remains the same, the data model is unique and tailored to each type of organization.

Financial stability and independence
We are able to make investments using our own financial resources, supported by long-term contracts with our clients. This ensures financial stability and independence from external investors and banks.

As a result, management can primarily focus on customer needs and desires, resulting in a better customer experience and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Our real estate data model
Our first data model focuses on real estate, starting with data-driven property management and later expanding to data communication between parties and supply chain integration. Our data model is powered by our Actoren Channel application, the leading application in the Netherlands for real estate data