About Us

About Us

How to create a revolutionary real estate application.

Tightly-knit team

Our company is led by Hans van Nek, the founder and CEO.

We form a tightly-knit team with software engineers who have been working with us for many years. All our employees have a master’s degree or doctorate and are highly committed to our company. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, Actoren is able to develop the best software in the world.

Financially Stable & Independent

The journey of Actoren has been intense, with nearly a decade invested in research, development, and fine-tuning. The entire funding for this extensive journey came from our own revenue, built on the solid foundation of long-term contracts with our loyal customers.

The fact that we were independent of external financial support, such as investors or banks, gave us the freedom to execute our vision without constraints.

Thanks to our independence, we were able to meticulously tailor our product to the actual needs of our users without making compromises. This is why Actoren now stands as a revolutionary product in the field of property management.

Not only do we have outstanding products,
our organization is driven by excellence
and is ISO 9001:2015 certified

Our Actoren logo symbolizes collaboration and communication

The same highly advanced application for every link in the real estate chain.

Every link in the real estate chain utilizes the exact same Actoren Application. Thanks to this uniformity, seamless communication is attainable for everyone. Furthermore, this leads to significant cost savings. 

Currently, our systems serve Asset Managers, Owners, Property Managers, and Valuers.

Chain Integration.

 In our logo, there are still a few empty spots. These spots represent future expansions, where we plan to add Contractors and Suppliers.

On Reliable Infrastructure.

Actoren is implemented on Microsoft Azure, where we leverage both the infrastructure and AI capabilities. Microsoft is also a sponsor of Actoren for this initiative.