Transform Real Estate Collaboration with Actoren

In an Extraordinarily Natural and Simple manner

A refreshing  approach

A New Era of Seamless Interaction

At Actoren, we continuously strive for opportunities to improve collaboration by utilizing the very latest technology and the most recent insights. This has led to the development of our product, WeShare.
For the real estate sector, this represents a significant improvement over the existing, cumbersome, and user-unfriendly systems.
Actoren’s solution introduces a refreshing new approach to facilitate collaboration between parties in the real estate world. It’s an approach that feels extraordinarily simple and intuitive in practice.
Our products are designed with this purpose in mind, and we remain committed to the ongoing development of the new foundation for the future of real estate. Our approach is innovative, cost-effective, modern, and extremely efficient.

The Harmonious Power of Actoren

Actoren’s refreshing approach is the result of a profound reconsideration of the needs of both organizations and their users. We have created an entirely new, seamless application using modern technology. With this, you can retrieve, select, present, and share data with other organizations and users in an intuitive, straightforward manner.

Always Up-to-Date: Actoren has Flawless Data Synchronization.

Actoren ensures that all parties always have access to the most recent data. Misunderstandings and outdated information are a thing of the past with our flawless data transfer and synchronization.

Do more work with fewer people.

Minimize manual work for fast and clear results. No more need to switch between different applications. Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of downloading and uploading to Excel, and the back and forth sending of attachments via emails.

Current and Integrated Real Estate Data Directly from Your Property Manager

All data is accessible and seamlessly integrated. Every day, we retrieve the most recent data from your property manager and merge it with your existing data.
And it’s displayed in the way you desire.

Avoid mistakes.

Due to the integrated application, human errors are eliminated.

This applies both to the collection and the transmission of data, for both the sender and the receiver.

Clear without detours.

When you send your data, others see it exactly as you see it. This ensures a uniform flow of information, so all parties have the same information, greatly reducing the chance of misinterpretations or errors.

More information.

Actoren is specifically designed for the real estate sector. No programming or configuration is required on your part; Actoren is immediately ready to use and rich in features specifically for property management. Additionally, it integrates effortlessly with your own data. You

See examples of customizable Views(PDF).See in detail how it works with our instructional videos.

Integrated with WeGet.

Every day, our product WeGet retrieves your data from your property manager. WeShare then ensures the seamless processing and presentation of this data, so you always have an up-to-date and clear view of your real estate information.

Integrated with WeValue.

With WeValue, you can send your valuation assignments to valuers with just a few clicks and easily monitor the progress of each valuation.